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WINDSHIELD FILMThe loud cracking sound of a rock hitting your windshield at speed is one of the most terrifying noises you will ever hear. Collect enough of them and it compromises your windshields strength and your safety. Get one chip and get ready for some serious downtime as you wait for costly parts and repairs, until you begin to feel the onset of depression and withdrawal. Those that track their cars already know that when the car in front of you cuts the inside of a corner, you immediately get pelted with a barrage of pebbles. On the highway, a rock flung by a semi-truck can ruin you. You can try driving defensively, but that kind of defies the entire point now doesn’t it?

WINDOW TINTWe only use XPEL Prime which offers advanced UV filtering, a noticeable heat shield and comfort barrier, and deep shades for ultimate privacy. We specialize in tinting very difficult-to-install windows as is typical on super cars and luxury vehicles. One example is the rear sliding quarter windows on a Rolls-Royce Wraith or 992 Carrera Cabriolet, which few people know how to do properly. You can trust that when you drop you deliver your car to Tactical Fleet, it will be done right.

At Tactical Fleet, we use quality windshield protection film by ClearPlex. This windshield protection film is 100% invisible, and you can’t really tell the film is there. However, the protection from damage it offers is active all the time. The first time a rock bounces off a protected windshield and the glass comes out unscathed, your investment has paid for itself.

At Tactical Fleet, we offer top quality film by XPEL PRIME XR Plus which is the top of the line infrared filtering film that uses nano-ceramic technology for light and heat filtering. The use of ceramic instead of metallic particles makes it so your cell phone reception is not affected.

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“Dude, I commute in my Ferrari from the city to my country estate. It’s not uncommon for me to hear the loudest ‘POP’ on my windshield only to look up and there is a gravel truck 100 yards ahead. Adding windshield protection saves my ass on the regular.”

- Jason Grant, CEO & Adventurer