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Premium Hard Finishes For Paint And Film Surfaces

Premium Ceramic coatings are formulated specifically for extra hardness and enhanced durability. Its the best solution for protecting your prized vehicle’s paint, wrap or paint protection film. The coating does not sit on top like waxes and paint sealants. It forms a permanent bond with the paint or vinyl it is applied to. This makes it so that all micro-pores in the surface are completely sealed off from the elements. That means radical looks that’s much easier to keep clean because it repels bugs, dirt and dust that would normally etch the paint or film.

ceramic coating

Ceramic Coating is a permanent layer and best applied by Tactical Fleet professionals who are trained and experienced in the application of permanent ceramic coatings. This ensures that the coating is applied correctly and guarantees longevity and good looks. This also ensures there are no imperfections, high spots or streaks in the coating. Unlike waxes, reapplication is not something you normally have to worry about.

Perfect for use on paint, wrap vinyl or paint protection film (PPF). The coating has a much higher hardness rating than paint and will not negatively affect the self-healing characteristics of the film. Vinyl is inherently soft and porous. For this reason, the benefits of Ceramic Coating are very obvious when used over car wraps. Paint protection film, such as that offered by Xpel Ultimate Plus, is self-healing and has a 10 year warranty.

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“I’m quite meticulous when it comes to my car. You would be hard pressed to find a single blade of grass in the floorboard at anytime. Tactical Fleet applied a ceramic coating and I went from washing the car twice per day to three times per week! Huge time saver and it looks stunning!”

- Oliver Chase, Nobel Prize Winner, Supercar Enthusiast, Cancer Survivor